"Bell & Battery: Then And Now" March 15 - 18

This fabulous project produced by the Rendezvous and made possible with a grant from 4Culture commissioned a handful of diverse artists to create pieces based on the history of Seattle's colorful Belltown neighborhood from 1890 to the present. I wrote and performed songs about Belltown's Film Row years in the 1930s and the origin of the Millionair's Club, founded in 1920 and still providing jobs and meals today. Kudos to director Jane Kaplan and to Ken Workman, great-great-grandson of Chief Seattle, who welcomed our audiences every night with his own take on Seattle history in both English and the Salish native tongue. I adored being part of this! Cast: Ade, Eric Ray Anderson, Jennifer Jasper, Angie Louise, K. Brian Neel, Markeith Wiley, and Shin Yu Pai. Photos copyright Eddie Rehfeldt.

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