"Angie Louise is a singer, songwriter, actress and comedienne with fearsome chops... Uber-belter vocals and commanding presence... 'Now that the record's released, I get to go back to writing songs,' says Louise. That's good news for those who'd like to run away with her circus again, ASAP."

- City Arts Magazine / Read the whole article here

"Irresistible... Louise's lyrics are satirical, sexy, and sad... Intoxicating theatricality... Sets whole audiences to dreaming of running away with this deliciously dark carnival."

- Seattle Magazine / Read the whole article here

"Beauty Factory is a sometimes rousing, sometimes haunting collection... A perfect inside look at our desires to remodel ourselves... Louise and her bandmates are unique among talents in Seattle."

- Seattle Gay Scene / Read the whole piece here

"Let me tell you this: Angie Louise! The rambunctious redhead is a fun and engaging front-woman indeed, and one of my most endeared Seattle performers (She sings! She writes! She theaters and she films!)... A sultry cabaret rhythm and a revolutionary’s hankering to take down the system."

- JetSpace Magazine / Read the whole piece here

"With her rich voice and comedic flair, Louise walks away with the show... Louise is a dynamic actor, handling comedy and near-tragedy with equal dexterity."

- Seattle Times

"Angie Louise shines brightly with a strong belt, comedic chops that rival the greats, and wonderful dramatic timing."

- Broadway2Seattle.com

"Louise is technically and stylistically adept, and sings from a sense of each song's character... Terrific tune(s)... Powerful, even on the first hearing."

- The SunBreak

"Louise is sensational... Shows an emotional range most performers shy away from... Her instrument takes flight and you are mesmerized by her presence."

- Seattle Gay News

"The always amazing Angie Louise... Ironic... Haunting... Louise is an alto belter of some renown, and her compositions more than hold their own with the big names."

- David Hughes, TalkinBroadway

"A performance full of madness, determination, and just the right touch of diva... Louise brought down the house... The comic charm of a Carol Burnett, the devilishness of a Ruth Buzzi, and the soprano belt of a Carolee Carmello... Mesmerizing work."

- Robbie Wachs, TalkinBroadway

"Louise attacks with gusto and panache, displaying perfect comedic timing... Smashing."

- Morgan LaVere, TalkinBroadway

"A powerhouse vocalist... A terrific belter voice with comedy chops to match."

- Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Exuberantly realized by Angie Louise, (who) brings goosebumps to even the shyest theatregoer."

- TheatrePort (Houston)

"I now worship at the altar of Angie Louise."

- TheatreSeattle.com

"Louise scores big, garnering huge laughs."

- Backstage West (Critic's Choice Award, Best Actress in a Musical for Carnival)

"Superb... A locomotive script... Funny, assured and swift... Louise is captivating."

- The Stranger

"Writer Louise has a very interesting style, ironic and idealistic... A keen, clear satirical eye... A clever, comic delight... Brave and ballsy... Thoughtful anarchy... Wonderful insights... Sometimes, something so original comes along that it takes you aback... Hats off to Angie Louise."

- DVDTalk

"A truly creative script by Angie Louise."

- BendFilm

"Comedy that deals mercilessly and entertainingly with American bigotry and power."

- Moviestar Magazine (Germany)

"Divine comedy... Kudos to writer Angie Louise."

- Horror.com

"Funny and deep... Louise’s script is daring and dark.”

- PrettyScary.net

"Full of vivid twists of vision... A brilliant facility as a storyteller."

- Laurence Lieberman, poet

"Capable of great emotional power... An altogether searching, thoughtful imagination."

- Michael Van Walleghen, poet